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Related post: Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2010 23:31:30 -0700 (PDT) From: Pete Brown Subject: Reluctant Gladiator, Part TenRELUCTANT GLADIATOR - Part Ten A story by Pete Brown (petebrownuk yahoo.com)Read all of Pete's stories at groups.yahoo.com/group/petebrownseroticstoriesAs Jamie massaged away at me and Mike's naked body pressed against mine and he pinioned me down to the mattress, I felt my dick start to go hard and make a sort of movement along the mattress under me. Look, I don't want you to think I'm gay or anything, but having Mike on top of me and my most secret places massaged had an effect - I simply couldn't help it, and if you think differently, you try it sometime!Finally Jamie said he thought he'd done as much as he could, and Mike got off me. "Come on, Steve, roll over and let's get some sleep" he told me, his voice gentle and caring. "I know you must still be really hurting, but a good night's sleep will at least make you feel better..."I thought of my erection raging away under me, and muttered "I'm OK. Just leave me alone.""Sorry, buddy, but we can't do that. You're sprawled all over the room, and there's no room for Jamie and me to bed down. Now, come on, I'll help - you need to turn over and lie against the wall...."As he said this, Mike got hold of underage forbidden pussy my arm and went to pull me up. "No...", I protested."Come on, Steve...." My refusal had only redoubled Mike's efforts to "help" me move. I felt so weak, that I knew I couldn't really resist him, and the next moment underaged teen blowjob I was turning over to lie on my back. In spite of everything I'd suffered that day, I felt myself flushing with embarrassment as my dick bobbed into the air and stuck up there, hard and throbbing, away from my body.Mike naked underaged boy pushed gently at me to move me closer to the wall, then said "Steve, I reckon you won't get the rest you need with that hard-on. underaged supermodels links Jerk yourself off....""No."Look, some of you may think I'm being very prudish about this as you know I'd frequently virgin fuck underage jacked off in that small room with Mike and Jamie present. But there's a difference between doing it when I was turned underage photography nude facing the wall, pretending to be asleep, and doing it as I was now, totally exposed, with both of them looking at my dick."Steve, don't be stupid! You need to underage slut pic sleep, and you won't until you've blown that load of cum in your balls. Now, get jerking....""Shut the fuck up, Mike. I'm OK. Leave me alone...."Before I could do manila underage sex anything to prevent it, especially as I was aching all over so much, Mike stood astride me then lowered himself so that his knees were on either side of my chest. He pushed my hands above my head and held them there - once a guy has got you like that it's almost impossible brazilian underage to get up, even if you're at peak fighting fitness, as those of you who wrestle will know, and you're at such a mechanical disadvantage. His dick was right in front of my face and I could smell his masculinity as he looked down at me."This is for your own good, Steve. You need rest. Now....", he turned and looked at Jamie, and his voice changed to one of command "Jerk Steve off.""No!" Jamie and I shouted, almost at the same time."Jamie, do you want me to thrash you?", Mike asked. I could hear the barely concealed underage webcam strippers impatience and anger in Mike's voice now, and I expect Jamie could too - Mike is a nice sex underage asia guy, but he likes people to do as he says. "Now, get down there and jerk Steve off.""Please, Mike....", Jamie whispered."Jamie, do as you're fucking well told!" The anger in Mike's voice was real now. underage celebrity "If you don't want to jerk him off, you can suck his cock - I'll thrash you, and then make you go down on him... Now stop being such a stupid young idiot, and help Steve out here - you can tell he's in urgent need.... Just look at him."Mike was right, of course - the combination of having Mike's sweaty ass on my chest, his dick right in front of his face and him holding me down, powerless, was somehow very erotic and my dick had gone beyond just being erect - I know it sounds silly, given how much my body underage pedo sexo was hurting, but it's true to say it was painfully erect! Nevertheless, I felt I had to try to stop it, and was about to tell Mike to let me up and stop picking on Jamie, when I felt Jamie's hand on my dick!His touch was hesitant at first, but he seemed to gain underage fuck pix confidence almost instantly and I felt his fingers curl around my shaft and grip tight. Then he began to jerk me, and I moaned - yes, moaned. I'd never had another guy touch my dick like that before, especially not a sixteen year old, and it was almost overwhelmingly exciting.I suppose it's because Jamie's still got a foreskin, like me, that he was so good at it - I reckon a 'skinned guy simply doesn't know, or even remember, what it feels like to have your 'skin slide on and off your dick head. And Jamie quickly overcame his shyness and embarrassment and was working me hard: he even stopped for a few moments, then bent over me and drooled a big gob of his spit down onto my exposed head before starting again.Look, I think that there's no one who can jerk yourself off as well as you can do it yourself, and I'm sure a lot of nude underage euros you guys will agree real underaged pics with me. Sure, it's very erotic to have a bitch leaning over you and working her fingers up and down your shaft, but no-one else really knows exactly how you like it, I reckon - the right degree of tightness of the fingers, whether you like the thumb to hit underage girlies your crown flange nonnaked underage girls hard or not, whether your 'skin should go all over your head or not.... So I was expecting that Jamie would have to jerk me for a long time before the inevitable happened. But probably it was the excitement of what was happening underaged sex gallery to me that caused me to start nude underage prteen to feel myself about to shoot very quickly. I gasped and cried out, but Jamie carried on working on me, and the next moment my balls were pumping away and I shouted with the sheer ecstasy of feeling the cum shoot out pregnant underage nude of me in a hard, fast stream.I carried on crying out as Jamie didn't stop! I'm one of those guys whose dick is incredibly sensitive once he's shot, and normally I let my dick dribble out the "aftershots" all by itself. underage ******** videos But Jamie carried on jerking me, and I thrashed around under Mike with that special intensity you can only muster when your dick is sending those amazing sensations which are pure pleasure, or pure pain, or some strange mixture of both, to your brain.Mike got off me and I lay there, panting with exhaustion. russian underage topless Jamie was still kneeling by the side of me, his hand shining with my cum. He started to laugh - I thought he'd be upset at having been made to do that, but he pointed at Mike's back "Fucking hell, Steve - I didn't think old guys like you could shoot like that - I know my cum goes almost across the room if I'm not careful, but when I've seen old guys like you on the internet, it just dribbles out. But look at Mike's back! Your first splash almost hit his neck..."I looked over and I could see a big white slime of cum beginning to trickle down Mike's back, from almost below his shoulder blades, and underage pubescent nude heading for the top of his ass crack."Clean me up!", Mike growled at Jamie."No way, Mike... It's gross..." Then, as Jamie carried on kneeling there, Mike turned and hit the kid across the face - the slap echoed around the tiny room. Jamie was so taken off his guard that he fell sideways - or perhaps that it was indeed a very hard blow: Mike is as you know very, very strong. Jamie lay, half across me, his body trembling with shock and anger. "Look, kid, you do as you're pedo underage fuck told!", Mike went on. "I'm the Champion here, the top dog in this pack, and when I tell you to do something, you do it straight away, OK? You argued with me when I told you to jerk Steve off, even though you could see he needed it, and now you just knelt there when I told you to clean up my back. So do it - do it now, unless you want me to take you over my knee and really thrash you....""Mike!", I shouted. "Leave the kid alone! There's no call for hitting him...""Shut the fuck up, Steve! Don't interfere, unless you want me to punish you, too. I'm the Champion, I'm in charge, you know that...." He turned to Jamie, who was now kneeling again, looking startled, and angry, and went on "Get to work! I can feel Steve's cum running down me, and I don't want my ass crack underage incests all stuck with it."Slowly Jamie reached up and began to scrape his hand down Mike's back - Mike has got one of those muscled backs with a prominent backbone sticking out, and Jamie's fingers moved up and down as underage cunt models underage ukrainian teens he collected my cum. Then he simply knelt there, looking down at his hand and pedo underage cp the load of my cum, mixed with Mike's sweat, that now covered his fingers. He looked around, wondering what he was going to do with it."I don't want that all over the blankets and mattresses", Mike told him. "Best lick it off and swallow it."Jamie looked horrified. "Mike, no! Don't make him do that....""Shut the fuck up, Steve. I've told you a moment ago not to interfere with the way I run things. Jamie's supposed to be training to be a gladiator, and one thing a gladiator needs to know is that when the Champion orders him to do something, he does it. Now, don't interfere, unless you want me to hit Jamie again."Well, what could I do? Even at the best of times I knew I couldn't beat Mike in a fight, and in the state I was currently in there was underage cam girls not even a small chance that I might be able to hurt him a bit before he totally overpowered me. So I lay there, watching. Watching as Mike raised his arm threateningly over Jamie, and Jamie in turn slowly raised his hand towards his mouth, and then, even more slowly, began to lick at it. I could see his eyes brimming with tears, but he was obviously holding them back with a huge effort.After that, we did settle down to sleep - but none of us was very happy. I was against the wall, furious at what Mike had done to me and Jamie, Mike was in the middle, and Jamie on the other wall. We lay there for a bit, and I heard a sort of sniffling sound, as if Jamie was trying not to cry. Although Mike had acted outrageously, he's not unnecessarily cruel and I heard him whisper "It's OK, kid.... Come on, you're a gladiator, and free underage cartoon worse things will happen to you in your career than that. Look on it as a bit of training for life."Jamie was silent, then I felt Mike shuffling around and instead of lying on his back, his butt was pressed against me as he turned to face Jamie. "Come on, Kid, turn over and face me....", he whispered. I guess he wanted Jamie to hear him, and not me. vlad underage Then a few moments later, a bit more insistently, underage fucking xxx "Turn over and face me, I said!" Jamie must have done as he said, and his snivelling seemed to have stopped, and I then heard Mike's voice again, even quieter and somehow more kindly. "There.... That feels good, doesn't it? That feels good... We both need this, kid.... It's OK for Steve, he's shot underage sex galls his load, but we need it, don't we? There.... How does that feel..? This is the best way of jerking off with a buddy.... Feel my dick against yours... Do you like how it feels, all hot against the side of yours...? Do you like my hand wrapped around both of us... Come on, Jamie, put your hand where mine is.... Do you like the feel of my dick... Press us close...."Jamie and Mike were breathing hard now, and Jamie was making small, quiet gasps of what sounded like laughter. Mike was groaning slightly, and underage sex paysite the mattress started to shake.... Then "I'm cumming... I'm cumming... Jesus... Fuck me... Ah......", and then it all went quiet. Somehow I drifted into sleep.The next morning Mike had to shake me to wake me up - that's really unusual as you know, as normally I'm a "morning person". Then he reached down to help underage boy feet me get to my feet - I was aching all over still, but at least I could move. The incidents of the previous night came flooding back to me and I looked down at Mike's pubes - his dick was rock hard as it usually was first thing in the morning, so no surprises there, but his underage hardcore porno wiry pubes were full of the strings of dried cum that happen when you just jerk off and let the stuff flow down and dry there. Jamie saw me looking, and flushed with embarrassment, and turned away from me - but not before I was able to see patches of dried cum all over his clean-shaven pubic area too. Suddenly I understood what had been going on - Mike had been jerking them off with their dicks side by side!I was so angry that I could hardly stop myself from hitting Mike, and instead shook myself free from his helping hand and shouted "You dirty fucker! With a kid.....""What the fuck are you going on about, Steve?" Mike's gentle help had at once turned into a vigorous response - he sounded angry - as I triggered his "fight or flight" reflexes which are so deeply ingrained in all gladiators."You were jerking off with Jamie! You're a grown man, and he's a kid! How could you...?""Shut the fuck up, Steve! young underage teens It's none of your business.""Yes it is ! I saved Jamie from the niggas, and I'll do it again....."Mike was really angry now. "You know what happens if you fight me! Now, calm down, and stop interfering with things you know nothing about.""I know that you're having sex with a kid, with....""Steve, listen. I'll tell you this only once, and if you come on at me like that again, there'll be no further warning. I'll shut you up, shut you up in a way that will really hurt. So pay attention! Firstly, yes, Jamie and I did have playboy underage models sex. Not great sex, not proper, penetrative sex, not fucking - just a bit of mutual masturbation. And notice I said 'mutual' - It wasn't only me, it was underage sexy panties Jamie too, and I didn't force him - he wanted to do it, and he enjoyed it. It really was 'mutual'."Mike paused for a moment to gather his breath as all that had come out with great intensity. "So understand this: we're all men here. Strong, virile gladiators. And men like us need sex, regular sex. I like fucking, fucking bitches, but they're not always available. So like all men, I jerk off. And don't tell me otherwise, as I've heard you at it too, as I'd expect, as you're a man. All men jerk off - one hundred percent of us. And what's wrong with that? And if you want to jerk off with another guy, so what? Where's the harm?"Mike stopped here to move closer to Jamie, who was standing there looking really worried about the way the underage little angels two of us were squaring up to each other - I think he thought we might start brawling at any moment. Mike loped his arm casually around Jamie's naked shoulders and went on "You forget that Jamie here is a man, Steve. He's a slave, and a gladiator. He wouldn't be here if he wasn't a man, if he was still a 'kid' as you so disparagingly call him. You need to think about Jamie properly, Steve - he's got just the same rights as you and me, the same needs.... He needs sex like I do, and you do - probably more so, as he's sixteen and at the height of his reproductive ability: even I know that men of sixteen shoot higher volumes of higher quality cum than they will ever do later in life - that's the way evolution shaped us. So if he needs sex, and if he wants sex, and there's no bitch available, he's got to jerk off, like you do, and I do. It's a free world, Steve, well, smoking affect underage at least as far as this is concerned - and if Jamie wants to jerk off with me, and if I want to jerk off with him, you'd better mind your own fucking business! Get it?"Mike squeezed Jamie's shoulder as a kind of comradely gesture as he said all this, and Jamie started to look a bit less worried. I saw him nodding as if agreeing with Steve. Then finally he managed to say "Steve, underage drinking preventions it's like Mike says. And he didn't start it last night - I did. It's boring jerking off by myself, and I knew Mike wanted to jerk off, so I kind of touched him.... And one thing led to another. And underage pussy bbs it was pretty fantastic - Mike's really good at it.""I don't want to hear this! It's disgraceful! We're supposed to be looking after you, and Mike starts wanking you..."At underage hot models that moment the door thai underage pics opened to amsterdam underage porn let us out, and Mike picked up his uniform, said "Come on, Jamie - exercise time. Let's go together...." and left me standing there. It felt as nude underage measurement if he was abandoning me as he went off down the corridor, his arm still casually draped around Jamie's shoulder. I had difficulty in walking, but I followed them as best I could, and when I went into the arena the guards could see that I was in real pain still and told me I didn't need to run. But as Mike raced past, followed by Jamie, he called out "Not running then, Steve? You don't jerk off, and you don't run.... Call yourself a gladiator? A proper gladiator doesn't care if he's in pain." So I had to set off, didn't I?It was agony, moving underage teenfuck my legs as I was still unbelievably sore down there. But I managed underage admirer a lap before Mike slowed to jog along beside me. "Come on, Steve don't be an idiot! You've made your point. I can see you can't run, not after the bean for all that time. Go and tell the guard you lolta underage girl want to give underage teenage funlumpkinsing up.""Fuck off, Mike. I'm a man. A gladiator. And, as you said, a proper gladiator doesn't care if he's in pain."Mike looked at me for a moment, almost russian underage cartoon pityingly. "Steve, a real man knows what's best for his body - you need to learn that if you want to be a great gladiator." Then his arm snaked around my shoulders and he started to guide me towards the exit. One of the guards slashed at his back with a strap as we went past as Mike was of course supposed to be running flat out, and not creeping along with me, but he didn't do anything other than mutter "Fuck you!", under his breath at the guard.At he entrance it was Mike who told the guard I had to stop "or else Mr Straughan would blame someone for damage to a valuable property....", and the guard then insisted I left. But he told Mike he had to do four more laps at "double indian underage pussy time" to make up for slowing down!In the showers afterwards a lot of the guys came and slapped me on the back to tell me that I'd done well to stand the beam underage asians galleries for so long. And some of them were laughing underage kiddy models at Mike as they saw all the dried cum russian underage fucking strings in his pubes, but it was all good-natured and it felt good to be "part of the team" again.I managed to do some of the practice exercises that day and the more I did, the easier it got as my nn underage super-fit body worked to overcome the pain in my crotch. I can't say I was looking forward to going back to our room after dinner that night, though, as there was "unfinished business" - what was I going to do or say if Mike and Jamie started jerking off together again?Dinner was a difficult meal for me. Mike, as usual, sat there talking to the other guys and generally joking about little incidents that had happened during training, but I simply couldn't join in as I was thinking about pinayunderage what was going to happen later. Mike didn't help either by calling out to me down the length of the table, and telling everyone to try to cheer me up as I seemed to be in a bad mood, and as any of you know who've been in that position, this only made things worse. As we left the mess hall - I was underage latinas girls one of the last to get up from the table as if I was in some way hoping the meal might go on for ever sexy underage teens and the inevitable confrontation with Mike in our room might be avoided - a guard was standing there and he told me to wait and "join the others" as Mr Straughan needed us that evening.There was a small group of gladiators standing there - all of them, I saw, "new" guys like myself. Jamie, of course, a couple of intermediate guys who I'd seen boxing and kick boxing, and, curiously, Mike, too. The guard led us off to the showers and told us to wash again and to shave - I've got a tough beard, and by this time in the evening I've always hentai underaged porn got a lot of stubble on my face. Jamie was underage jpg forum made to shave his pubes again, I noticed, as there was just a hint of grey shadow forming.Mike and I soaped each other as we were the only two big guys there, and in spite of myself I asked him what was going on, as he seemed totally at ease with this change in our otherwise rigid routine. "Straughan's got guests, I expect - a group of high-rollers, the people who take boxes in the arena or who pay for private shows, important people in the town, those kind of people - underage panty modles he has these little gatherings every now and then to showcase the new gladiators. They all like a chance to see you new guys before the general public - it makes them feel special.""So why are you here then, too?""I'm the Champion, Steve, remember? The guests always want to see the Champion. And Straughan likes it because if there ever was any trouble, I'd be there to put a stop to it without him needing to tell the guards to prod anyone - you know how messy that can be and I don't think Straughan would want his guests to see a gladiator lose control of his bowels!"I couldn't think what sort of "trouble" there might be, but as usual Mike seemed to know what he was talking about and didn't volunteer any further information, as if it was so obvious that even asking the question showed that I was in some way stupid. We towelled off, then the guards dished out big bottles of scented oil and told us to oil up. Mike took a big dollop of the stuff and began to massage it into my shoulders and down my back, then turned and was waiting for me to do the same to him. The oil was quite thick, rather like rich olive oil, and the scent was kind of masculine: lemon and lime, with some undertones of musk and "maleness". Mike then began to do my butt, massaging the oil into my crack as well (I remembered how when my best buddy Jason had done that to me back in the marines I'd really protested. But now, after getting used to other guys washing me in the showers, Mike's fingers down my crack seemed almost normal), then dropped to his knees to do the back of my thighs and calves. I underage horny did the same for him, and actually I found myself really enjoying feeling Mike's hard muscular body like underage ebony pussy this - massaging in the oil was quite different to the brief contact you have when you're soaping the body in the showers.Mike did my pecs and belly, then knelt to do the front of my thighs and legs. I saw him put another dollop of oil into his hand and realised he was going to do my dick and balls, and reached out to stop him. "I can do that myself!", I said."Do you want to get us both punished? You know we're supposed to help each other out in petite porn underage the showers. Stop being a stupid fucker, Steve - I've soaped you often enough...."I could see a guard looking at us, so I let go Mike's wrist, and he bought his hand down and smothered my dick and balls with the oil - my balls felt as if they were glowing as something in the oil really warmed them up, and I remembered how when I was a kid I once tried rubbing some of my dad's after shave into my balls: any of you who've eve done this will know how it really stings. Well the oil wasn't as bad as that, but cp bbs underage I was nevertheless especially conscious of Mike's fingers rubbing the oil in down there. "OK, Steve, now relax...", Mike whispered so as not to attract the guard's attention. "You're not going to like this, but it's got to be done."He took another drop of oil, avs underage girls and almost before I realised what was happening, he'd teased back my 'skin and rubbed the oil on to my dick head, before letting my 'skin slide back!"There - all done!", he told me, grinning with that innocent-looking smile he has. "Now you finish me."So I did his front and then, as he stood there, nodding at me as if giving me permission somehow, I finally pics underage porn slicked my hand with the oil again and reached down and rubbed it into his balls and dick - and as I did so, the bastard started to go hard: I could underage voyeur feel Mike's dick beginning to stiffen and swell as I rubbed the oil in. "Fantastic!", he whispered at me. "But you'd better stop - if you want to jerk me off we can do it later!". That smile again - it was somehow impossible underage dutch teen to stay angry at Mike for long.We all stood around then as the oil settled into our skin - it didn't leave any traces of grease or anything, but our latinas underage nude whole bodies seemed to shine subtly in the light. I went to pick up underage porno pics a clean uniform then as I'd normally do after showering, but the guard called out to me to stop, as "Mr Straughan wants you in saggers.""Saggers?", I asked Mike."You must have seen young guys like Jamie walking through the streets with those really low-slung jeans? You know, the ones that look as if they're only prevented from falling right down by the fact that they can't slip past the root of their dicks? Half their ass is exposed, and the only way it's even vaguely decent is that their boxers are there for everyone to underage chinese rape see - they all want to show off their designer underwear?"I nodded. I'd always thought it was pretty idiotic, but then, fashion is fashion I suppose, and young guys will do what all their buddies are doing. The guard came over at that point with some uniforms in snowy white, and Mike looked and said "Well this is the gladiator equivalent of those jeans - these 'uniforms' sag, or, rather, don't reach up very high as they just go to the root underage male sex of your dick. So that's why they're called saggers.""And the boxers, to keep us decent?"Mike smiled again. "Aw, come on, Steve! We're men, men trained to have good bodies, no - superb bodies. And Straughan wants to show us off to the important folk. So your 'saggers' just 'sag' - I guess it's really exciting for all those rich and important folk to see men like us almost totally naked, but not exactly underage dogging sex indecent. It makes them feel really powerful, that they can be there in their expensive suits and dresses, sipping Straughan's cocktails, whilst us guys are underage newstar bambi parading around in almost nothing."Mike took one of the underage porn photo special uniforms and stepped in to it, pulling it up as far as he could. I stared at him, not knowing what to say my underage video - the narrow waistband did indeed rest just above the root of his cock, underage illegal nudists and his pubes sprayed out right above it to join with his trail across his belly. The waistband ran at just the level of the raped underage porn top of his thighs so the overall effect was to emphasise totally the length and strength of Mike's whole body - and, of course, the size of his dick: it lay there sort of sideways on in the tiny pouch made of barely opaque very finely woven cotton, and it was easy to see the outline of his dick head, even to the extent that it was clear that Mike had been 'skinned. As he turned to hand me my uniform, I could see how the thing really emphasised his butt - most of it was totally exposed of course as the waistband ran around way, way below the top of his crack.I stood there looking, and Mike told me to get a move on as the others were almost ready. Well, what could I do? There was no point in protesting, as the guards would simply carry out Straughan's orders and make me put the wretched thing on. And Mike would think I was stupid, or prudish or something - he underage gallerys tgp seemed to be proud of the way his body was exposed, and wouldn't understand why being made to dress like that was so humiliating. So I stepped into the tiny things and tugged them up - it was no use, I found: however hard I pulled there was no way I could make them go any higher than Mike's. I could see my pubes sprouting out, and knew that anyone who looked could easily see the shape and size of my dick. I looked at the other guys, and for Jamie at least the thing didn't look quite as bad: because he was totally body shaved, at least he didn't have his teens underage pubic hair on display!The guards led us off then, and we went through the offices into the "public rooms" of ebony underage blowjob the School. There was the hubbub of general conversation as we approached the main reception room, then, as the guards threw open the big double doors so that we could march in, that stopped and applause broke out. Mike led us right in teenmodel sex underage to the centre of the room, to where Straughan was standing, and gestured and pushed at us to get us to stand in a line behind Straughan. Straughan raised his hand in a gesture asking for silence, and the applause and chattering died down. "Fiends", he began. "Friends, supporters and business associates of Philips' Fighters - welcome once again to our school. I trust you are all enjoying our hospitality, and, as usual, Philips' Fighters is proud to present you with a preview of our new gladiators. Those of you who follow us loyally will know that at Philips' Fighters only the best is good enough - the best men coupled with the best training results in gladiators that you want to follow, on whom you can bet with a high chance of winning!"There was a lot of cheering from some of the people in the room as he said this, and he gestured for silence again and went on "So here are the current crop of new gladiators, led as ever by our Champion, the undefeated Mike...." He motioned at Mike as he said this, Mike did a clenched fist stab into the air in a gesture of triumph, and the guests all clapped again.. I could see Mike was really enjoying it."I won't delay you further, ladies underage poohnany and gentlemen. Philips' Fighters thanks you for our support, and trusts you'll stay with us during the coming season - I know most of you have already reserved your favourite boxes and seats - so without further ado, I'll let you get on with enjoying our evening, and inspecting our new gladiators who we feel certain will fight as hard and as bravely as our Champion, Mike." Once again, Mike did the triumphant stab in the air with a clenched fist, and the crown nude underage challenge clapped and cheered.Mike then led us, one by one, into different parts of the room, and I was soon surrounded my a group of men and women who stood there and discussed my body! It was so fucking humiliating to hear them say how they liked men with big dark aureoles and prominent tits. One woman ordered me to turn around and then said "He's got no brand!", and a guy next to her told her about how I was an indentured slave only as "he'd read about me in the brochure". A brochure, I thought: was I being shown in some brochure, too, just as if I was a piece of prime stock?"Is that why he's not underage thumbs been circumcised, then?" She asked. "I mean, I thought underage naked galleries all gladiators nudist photos underage were...."The man reassured her, and added "Yes, I suppose Philips can't order his circumcision as the indenture laws limit what you can do to a slave's body. And you'll see the young kid isn't 'skinned either - the brochure says he's a permanent slave, but of course they're waiting for his eighteenth before branding and 'skinning him, as usual."The woman gripped the man's arm and I could see her long scrawny fingers, with blood-red nails, digging in to his sleeve. "Ah yes. The sixteen year old. I'd like to see him, to compare him with my grandson: the boy's not interested in exercise, only in playing silly computer games. And I'd like to see what a properly trained sixteen year old dirty underage teens body should be like. Will you take me over and escort me - a lady finds these things a little difficult, you know...." She sort of simpered as she said this, and I could hentai pics underage tell it was all an act as she looked one tough, hard bitch. But the guy underage images seemed to relish her attention, and led her off.I suppose the inspection wasn't all that bad for me really - the longer it went on, the more I found I could ignore most of the comments. Some people wanted to touch my skin, a college girl stood there next to me with her hand on my mostly naked butt whilst her parents photographed her with their camera phone so she could send the picture to her sorority, a couple of guys stood looking at the outline of my dick and discussed the merits of 'skinning, and so on. It was pretty humiliating at first, but gradually I got used to the idea that these people almost admired me - they were envious of my body, and of the hard planes of my muscles. I saw Mike once or twice - he was working his way around the room answering questions, posing when asked to display underage russian nudist his body, and generally acting nude underage sisters as if he was some sort of celebrity and the most important person in the room, rather than just being a slave. And when he came over to me, and the college girl appeared again, we had to stand there side by side with our arms draped free underage sexy around each others shoulders as if we were a pair of real buddies on vacation or something.There was a change in the place after about an hour. The crowd seemed to have thinned a little, and a lot more noise was coming from the legal underage pic opposite corner of the room. There didn't seem to be any requirement for me to stay in one place, so I walked across and my height helped me to look over the heads of the men and women all tightly bunched in a circle. There was Jamie, his uniform cast aside so he was totally naked, fucking a bitch! She was kneeling on a table and Jamie was vigorously fucking her doggy fashion, his hands grasping her hips as if to make it possible for him to slam into her even harder than he already was - there was that loud "slap" noise as his thighs hit her naked butt, a moan from the bitch, and a grunt from Jamie. His muscular thin butt and thighs, nicely tanned from the pool sessions, thrust up and down with that special vigour that young guys have, and the bitch was moaning and crying out as he remorselessly pounded way. I watched fascinated as Jamie's low-hanging balls swung backwards and forwards between his thighs in time with his thrusting.The eyes of the watching men and women were riveted on Jamie and I'm sure I saw looks of pure lust - and perhaps envy? - as he worked away. But, as I've told you, Jamie can't "sustain" for long as he's got too much cum. His head was going back and black underage models he was beginning to cry out as he neared his climax, and suddenly Mike was there. He grabbed Jamie's hips and shouted "Pull out....", and hauled him backwards. Jamie's hand a once went to his erect dick as he now stood behind the bitch, and gave it one or two last strokes, his face almost ecstatic. He shot his load - a big one, of course, all along the bitch's back and over her buttocks. And then, as Mike whispered something and stood back, Jamie plunged his still-shooting cock back into her for three or four final seemingly desperate thrusts, before slumping forward over her cum-slimed body, totally exhausted.The watching men and women went wild with clapping and cheering, and I walked off, not wanting them to get the idea horny underage sluts that I might be next! And desperately trying to cover the front of my "saggers" which was now tented out obscenely as my body had betrayed me - at one level I thought it was gross and humiliating for Jamie to have to perform like that in public; but my dick clearly felt something different.The party broke up soon after that and I was led back to our room. Mike came in, and then, a few minutes later, Jamie. He was totally naked, and the smell of sex almost preceded him. His eyes were shining, and he looked happy, and proud. Mike slapped him on the back and was telling him how that was a fantastic fuck, one of the best he'd ever seen, almost as good as he, Mike, would have done had he been chosen. I could only stare at them both, wondering how men could be turned into such depraved animals, where performing sex in front of others was something to be proud of. But then, I thought, was that so very much worse than being made to fight other guys as "sport", for the amusement of others?End Of Part Ten
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